Interest in Membership

YMSL is a sponsorship organization, which means a Prospective member typically needs to be sponsored by a current member of the Chapter she wishes to join. Since we are a new chapter, we are waiving this requirement.

YMSL year runs May 1 thru April 30. Membership enrollment for new members takes place February/March of the son’s 8th grade year. 

Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Membership is a 4-year commitment beginning freshman year of high school.
  • Members serve a minimum of 20 hours per year of community service, with a majority of the hours served together as a mother/son team.
  • All mothers and sons are required to participate in leadership positions or committee assignments.
  • Boys are required to attend 5 of 7 boys' yearly meetings and mothers are required to attend 3 mothers' meeting per year.

Contact Our Chapter

YMSL Chapters are run by volunteers (they do not have offices or staff). For Membership questions, please contact our Membership VP, Angela Wilkinson